Lockwell Hill Activity Centre

Junior Dirt Buggies

Our junior dirt buggies are capable of speeds up to 25mph, a pace sure to test the younger driver at the same time as making them feel in charge of a machine.

We are pleased to offer a range of different junior dirt buggies that are suitable for children aged between 7 and 15. Please note the minimum height to take part in this is 4’5″.

Our junior dirt buggies are some of the safest available in the UK today. The driver will be secured into their dirt buggy with a 3 point harness featuring a “NASCAR” type buckle. Their hands are secured to the steering wheel with specially designed straps so that in the unlikely event that they tip the dirt buggy over, not only will the strong roll cage that surrounds them protect them, but no part of their body will be outside the buggy’s cage.

Our junior dirt buggy driving circuit is designed to let young drivers, aged between 7 and 15 years, experience the thrill of driving one of our buggies without it being too demanding for them. A maximum of 2 dirt buggies on the track at any one time means that it stays safe, fun, fast and exhilarating for the young drivers.

The dirt buggy safari is designed for older children, aged 10 to 15. After a few laps of our dirt buggy circuit to check their ability, it is time to follow their marshal onto our safari – over the humps and hollows, around hairpin bends, adverse cambers and hopefully some splash pools too.

10 minute sessions – £10 per person

20 minute session – £22.50 per person