Lockwell Hill Activity Centre

Dirt Buggy Time Trials

Want to race against your most competitive friends? Or do you just want the bragging rights as to who is the fastest driver, and win a trophy to prove it?

Well then, our adult dirt buggy time trial is for you.

This is a single buggy event on our dedicated dirt buggy time trials track. Everybody uses the same dirt buggy, so any difference in lap times is down to the driver’s ability.

After a random selection of the running order, it is time to find out who really is the quickest driver.

Get your speed up on the first lap, then be timed on the laps that count before making your way back into the pits to change drivers.

This short course event will throw you and your dirt buggy around and sort the men from the boys, or the ladies from the girls.

Minimum age for this activity is 15 years.

Minimum of 6 participants – £17.50 per person