Lockwell Hill Activity Centre

Dirt Buggies

Our top-spec 400cc adult dirt buggies are capable of around 40mph, but as you are seated only inches from the ground it can feel a lot faster! Dirt buggies are capable of working in some extreme conditions, the only thing is – are you?

Often compared to go karts with roll cages, our adult dirt buggies are fully automatic and easy to drive.

Your dirt buggy session features several laps of one of our dirt buggy tracks, after which you will be invited to follow your marshal out onto our dirt buggy safari. This course includes some severe humps, drops, and hopefully some mud and water for you to battle through as well.

With a track more than 300 meters long, our demanding dirt buggy trail can host up to 6 people taking part at the same time, subject to availability of dirt buggies, track and weather conditions.

Driving our dirt buggies may involve you getting dirty. Please wear sensible footwear and bring a change of clothing, especially in times of bad weather.

The minimum age for adult dirt buggies is 15 years. All safety equipment is supplied as well as waterproofs should they be required, but please feel free to bring your own if you wish.

20 minute session £35.00 per buggy

The above prices are for a driving time of 20 minutes per person. Please allow extra time for kitting up and your safety briefing.